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Fine Art

These contemporary New Zealand landscape paintings are rendered distinctively in rich, tasteful colours in acrylic on canvas. In producing these, drawing the pencil grid comes first. Features in the scene are made to line up vertically and when the canvas is painted, vertical lines become accentuated with colour changes so as to create interesting optical effects. One major aim is to represent the scene as realistically as possible with as few blocks as possible. The finished paintings look surprisingly 3-dimensional. These paintings are exhibited in Exhibitions Gallery, Wellington and Art of this World Gallery, Auckland.

Timon has been producing limited edition prints since 2007. These very popular prints are composed on computer using hand-created elements, starting with a loose ink drawing into which painted textures are pasted. The images are then printed onto high quality 300gsm German etching paper, hand numbered and signed in pencil. The first six Wellington prints proved very popular, so the logical progression was to produce a set of four prints of iconic Auckland landscapes which are now exhibited in Letham, Parnell and Art of this World Galleries, Auckland. Since then, Timon has produced prints of the Christchurch region, New York, Dubai, Rangitikei and Kapiti, as well as a range of humourous prints.

The 'New Zealand's Favourite Artists' show at Exhibition's Gallery, Wellington, displayed a set of four life-drawing monoprints and two dendritic river pattern monoprints, both new styles attracting much attention. The river prints belie an obsession with rivers, maps and white water.

An important goal is to produce a set of prints for each main centre in New Zealand and to tap into overseas markets, starting with New York, Dubai and Australia.

Owners of Timon's art include:

  • Lloyd Jones - NZ author and shortlisted for Booker Prize
  • Liz Calder - Editing Director Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Tak Hung - owner Zenith Technology
  • Craig Emeny - owner Chathams Air
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • Danny McGrath - owner of multiple Wellington restaurants
  • William Giesbers - Executive Director of Prophesy Networks Ltd and CFO of Allied Farmers Ltd
  • Peter Hill - Architect
  • Cath Handley - Company Director and CEO, Youth Horizons
  • New Zealand Translation Centre
  • Tim Boyd-Wilson - Manager at Dept of labour
  • Christa Buchele - Germany
  • Irmgard Metzger - Germany
  • Gary Lord - Director of Lord Construction Ltd

Examples of the paintings, prints and monoprints can be found in the Gallery.

Contact Timon if you would like to commission art to add to your collection.

Illustration & Design

Timon designs and illustrates for magazines, the web, books and brochures, and is commissioned by such clients as:

  • Telecom
  • IBM
  • The Correspondence School
  • The Department of Labour
  • The National Bank
  • Audit New Zealand
  • Haines Recruitment Advertising Ltd
  • Port Nelson Ltd
  • The Evening Post
  • Learning Media
  • Ocean design
  • Reed Publishing
  • Random House
  • Phil and Ted's
  • Four Winds Press
  • Gecko Press
  • The Family Planning Association
  • The New Zealand Council for Educational Research
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Recently, most contract work has been focussed in the field of children's illustration and educational graphics for The Correspondence School and the New Zealand Council of Educational Research.

Cartoon Paintings

The gallery shows the paintings with 'explanatory' notes. Hopefully, these captions will amuse - they may not, however, enlighten you.

Timon has drawn cartoons since childhood and it seemed a natural progression to render cartoons as paintings. A coffee table style book of cartoons could be on the cards at some stage.



Lloyd Jones' Simon Eliot books have been printed in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Spain and Portugal and have sold very well, having been reprinted a couple of times in both New Zealand and Australia. Everything You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot was a finalist in the non-fiction section of The New Zealand Post Book Awards in 2005. An animated children's TV show based on Simon Eliot was created by Lloyd Jones and Gibson Group and has been screened in New Zealand and Australia. Timon designed and illustrated the books and was contracted by Gibson Group to design the Simon Eliot animated character and the set design for the TV show.

Timon designed the maps in Captain Cook's World, by John Robson, published by Random House in 2000, and it won Best Book at the Spectrum Print Book Design Awards in 2001.


"With Timon I got a book designer, a typographer and an illustrator, and someone who was flexible to change when the project changed. All in all, an excellent package."

all the best, Lloyd Jones 

"With Timon I got a book designer, a typographer and an illustrator, and someone who was flexible to change when the project changed. All in all, an excellent package."
Lloyd Jones, Author
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Timon Maxey is an established artist from Wellington, New Zealand. He is published in 'New Zealand's Favourite Artists' and is represented by several New Zealand art galleries. Originally born in London, he has lived in many parts of New Zealand. This has contributed to the wide range of striking and unique styles in his art as well as to a wide range of interests and pursuits in his life.

Timon paints fractionalist New Zealand scenes that generate an interesting three dimensional quality. He also creates limited edition prints which are composed on computer from hand-rendered components as well as humourous works featuring bizarre predicaments in a cartoon style.

Timon is also a commercial illustrator and designer, illustrating award-winning books and educational resources.

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