Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney
Timon Maxey
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Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney

I have been commissioned by Sydney clients to paint a large landscape of Gordon's Bay, a beautiful rocky snorkelling area in a marine reserve just South of Bronte Beach. I will post progress photos for those interested in seeing the construction of a large painting.

I made a trip to Sydney in October 2013 to take photos to use as reference for the painting. The clients chose the above photo, taken at dawn.

Next I had a canvas made, 1.8x0.7m and backpainted it with the rough complement colours of the colour pallet I was to use:

Then I constructed the grid for the painting and transferred it to the canvas using chalk as 'carbon paper':

I began to paint on the 20th Jan when we returned from family holidays, starting with the most detailed sections of the painting:

Progress as at 30th of January:

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