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This blog details news and events from my two major passions, art and white water kayaking. I may include posts about my other active interests including tramping, rock-climbing, tennis, exploring, snorkelling, house renovation, entrepreneurial ideas and various other hybrid activities. I welcome comments and look forward to receiving your feedback.



Painting commission of Little Beach, Western Australia

I have just completed a painting of Little Beach, Albany, Western Australia. I posted progress photos on my Facebook artist page and here is an animated gif of those photos.



Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 21.3.14

I have just finished the painting, barring minor tweaks. Potential improvements should become apparent given a few days of looking at it! Any feedback is welcome!


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 17.3.14

I'm taking a while to get the sky colours right. Getting there slowly:


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 10.3.14

There is only the sky to go now:


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 25.2.14


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 21.2.14

The rocky quarter, bottom right is finished, bar a few colour tweeks. I'll move onto the water next.

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