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This blog details news and events from my two major passions, art and white water kayaking. I may include posts about my other active interests including tramping, rock-climbing, tennis, exploring, snorkelling, house renovation, entrepreneurial ideas and various other hybrid activities. I welcome comments and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 25.2.14


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 20.2.14

I've nearly finished the rocky foreground bottom right. It's quite difficult getting the colours right in this area as there are lots of subtle purples and yellows.

Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney

Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney

I have been commissioned by Sydney clients to paint a large landscape of Gordon's Bay, a beautiful rocky snorkelling area in a marine reserve just South of Bronte Beach. I will post progress photos for those interested in seeing the construction of a large painting.

I made a trip to Sydney in October 2013 to take photos to use as reference for the painting. The clients chose the above photo, taken at dawn.

Next I had a canvas made, 1.8x0.7m and backpainted it with the rough complement colours of the colour pallet I was to use:

Then I constructed the grid for the painting and transferred it to the canvas using chalk as 'carbon paper':

I began to paint on the 20th Jan when we returned from family holidays, starting with the most detailed sections of the painting:

Progress as at 30th of January:

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