On finding a gallery in Dubai

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Dubai galleries proved much more receptive to meeting new artists than New York galleries were. They appeared to have more time available. I visited five galleries and four of these want my work, the fifth not keen merely...

On finding a Gallery in New York

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While in New York, I visited many galleries in Chelsea, Manhattan, and also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was not the best time to be visiting, as many galleries were still closed after summer vacation, and many that were open...

New York and Dubai Prints

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I have just finished two New York Limited edition prints and two Dubai prints. I have also made a St Lawrence River monoprint. I intend taking these to show New York and Dubai galleries in September, after kayaking the...

New Cartoon/Pop Art prints

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Have a look at my four new cartoon limited edition prints in the gallery. I am going to take these to New York with me in September. I have created them in the same way that I make my landscape limited edition prints. I have shown them to my dealer at Exhibitions gallery and he is very keen to exhibit them in this December's Christmas Exhibition.

Here is one of them, titled Resort:

River Art

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My dendritic pattern river art is still generating lots of interest despite not being exhibited anywhere at present. A client who bought the Manawatu River monoprint now wants a Whanganui River print. Someone else wants a Clutha River print. I can see huge potential here - I won't be running out of rivers any time soon! I intend making a couple of river prints to take to New York in September.

I thought the St Lawrence River would look great as a...


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