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Landscape 7 Exhibition at Exhibitions Gallery

I have several works in the upcoming show, Landscape 7, at Exhibitions Gallery in Wellington. One work is a limited edition print (edition of 25) of an aerial view of the braided Rakaia River which I have been working on over the last year. It was inspired by my fascination with rivers, maps and aerial photographs, and also by the fact that I lived in Southbridge, next to the Rakaia River from 1978 until 1982 and my father and I often kayaked down it.

The other artists in the show are prominent artists Keith Reed, Brian Strong, Ian Hamlin, Suzanne Herschell, Gail Gauldie and Sally Maguire. The interpretations of 'landscape' by these artists is remarkably varied.

Also included is my large cubist painting of a scene in the Grand Canyon, inspired by my recent kayak expedition. This is a view down the Canyon from the thousand year old Nankoweap Granaries where the native Indians stored grain in small bricked-in caves high up the canyon walls. We climbed up to these granaries in 40 degree heat, which was pretty exhausting work!

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