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This blog details news and events from my two major passions, art and white water kayaking. I may include posts about my other active interests including tramping, rock-climbing, tennis, exploring, snorkelling, house renovation, entrepreneurial ideas and various other hybrid activities. I welcome comments and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Pomander Head

Pomander Head

This is my entry into 'Heads Road', the annual Christmas show run by Raynor Brothers Gallery in Wanganui.
Below are 2 progress images and then the completed artwork.



Additional images

  • Pomander Head
  • Pomander Head


Painting commission of Little Beach, Western Australia

I have just completed a painting of Little Beach, Albany, Western Australia. I posted progress photos on my Facebook artist page and here is an animated gif of those photos.



Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 21.3.14

I have just finished the painting, barring minor tweaks. Potential improvements should become apparent given a few days of looking at it! Any feedback is welcome!


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 17.3.14

I'm taking a while to get the sky colours right. Getting there slowly:


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 10.3.14

There is only the sky to go now:


Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney 25.2.14

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