Ruakituri Kayak Trip

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In mid April, Jon Parker, Dean Benvenuti, Cam from the USA and I met Scott Bothwell from Gisborne and kayaked the Hopuruahine Stream and the Ruakituri River, both next to lake Waikaremoana. First we paddled the first 500m of the Hopuruahine Cascades, which was pretty intense and took over two hours including scouting, exiting the river via a cliff and taking photos. We got out just before an 8 m drop which may have been paddleable, but we didn't have time to assess it or the big...

Kayaking the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

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Our kayak expedition down the Colorado was an amazing adventure of sixteen days duration. The scenery was incredible, with huge multi-coloured cliffs and strange, varied flora and fauna including crazy cacti, rattlesnakes and lizards galore. The Canyon became more impressive as we...

Grand Canyon trip

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In August this year, a group of kayaking friends and myself are booked to paddle the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. This is a committing and long trip of about fifteen days through incredible scenery and rapids with huge whitewater. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which I am...

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