Painting of Gordon's Bay, Sydney

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I have been commissioned by Sydney clients to paint a large landscape of Gordon's Bay, a beautiful rocky snorkelling area in a marine reserve just South of Bronte Beach. I will post progress photos for those interested in seeing the construction of a large painting.

I made a trip to Sydney in October 2013 to take photos to use as reference for the painting. The clients chose the above photo, taken at...

Mural completed for Bay Road, Kilbirnie redevelopment

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I was commissioned by the Wellington City Council to complete a mural on the wall of Countdown Supermarket in Bay Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington. The mural needed to reflect life and culture in Kilbirnie and consisted of five large panels, which I designed as five separate iconic scenes of Kilbirnie. I designed these images in my cubist/fractionalist style and initially came up with a drawing/grid which I projected and copied onto the wall during an...

Mt Taranaki From Back Beach - Commissioned painting

Timon Maxey 0 1845

This work was commissioned by Gary and Jan Lord of New Plymouth. I took the photo to use as reference with great difficulty: I kayaked off Back Beach and intended to climb one of the Islands there to take the photo, but due to the three metre swell surging up the jagged rocks, I had to take the photo from the water just beyond the breakers, which took me around thirty minutes and several unintended cartwheels to break through. However, the result was worth it and...

Life - Painting for new Greg Johnson CD

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I painted this for an exhibition that will show at the launches of Greg Johnson's latest CD. Through Exhibitions Gallery, twelve artists were selected to 'paint' a song each. The song I painted is

When The Rain Comes

The paintings are included in a booklet in the CD.


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